At ZenMaster Community, We assist employees and organizations in better configuring errands and services at scale. With Cloudscockpit Domain Agnostic Automation, we work on a mission to turn the workplace into a fully-automated hands-off process where the employees work smarter and find time for them to be proactive by cutting out the time spent on prioritizing their workload and creating a more relaxed and organized environment. With the Real-time Eisenhower Metrics for dynamic multi-cloud environments, our system enables smarter, AI-powered answers and continuous automation.

Cloudscockpit provides companies of all magnitude with an enterprise-class platform that can be upgraded and adopted at any velocity across single or different groups depending on the case-by-case situation. With the Zen Master community, we work on providing greater availability, visibility, and traceability to our community and people. We will provide resources and activities for personal development and becoming proactive and serene. Members can join events and online seminars to practice active listening, interpreting the needs behind written language and identifying one’s center, and making a personal mission statement. No matter where your team is working, we are there to prioritize and automate the tasks.

Untangle your cloud intricacy and revolutionize faster, more proficiently, and better securely with domain agnostic automatic and intelligent recognizability.

  • Transform your IT automation with reliance
  • Tackle your ticketing issues in minutes, not hours
  • Convey high-quality performance
  • Reduce application downtime and MTTR